Friday, July 26, 2013


You know when you ask someone:  What's new?

And they say : Nothing really. Same ol', same ol'.

And then you have to come up with something else to talk about, like the ever-exciting weather because you are bored already - UGH! I hate that.

Lots of change has happened over here for Husband and me. We wouldn't know where to start to answer the question above and you know what, that's good! We don't have to talk about the weather that way.

Change. You gotta love it. It can be tricky sometimes and a bit confusing and may or may not make you cry depending on the change, but it's good for you. It makes you who you are. Honestly, if none of us changed or experienced change, we sure would be pretty darn boring (see above scenario).

I'll be back up and blogging soon. Life got a little consuming but someone close to me told me they missed by every day musings, so I'm back. I'm ready to muse.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I was home last week to celebrate Mother's Day with Mom. We had a delicious brunch at Mom's favorite Phoenix spot where I ate too much and all we could muster the strength to do when we got home was open gifts! It was a delightful day to celebrate Mom.

I spent the rest of the week taking Mom to her radiation treatments. I had already been to the hospital with her for her first doctor's appointment, but this time she took me back with her to the Ladies Locker Room (LLR) where she preps for her treatment. There were other ladies there watching the Today show and reading magazines before their treatments. We all chatted about what number treatment they were on and how the TV was too loud and that the dressing gowns they provided were such a bad shade of grey.

My favorite lady in the LLR was 91 years old. She had breast cancer and had surgery last week and was now in for 5 quick radiation treatments. She wasn't up for talking about her cancer though - the important news was that she was not happy with her doctors. She looked down at her hands and cringed while she told us that the doctors had made her remove her fake nails before surgery and she just hadn't had time to get them replaced. Then she covered her eyes and said that she can't lift her arm high enough since surgery to put on her makeup so she had nothing on her face. "I think I should just wear a paper bag over my face until these treatments are over".

After she walked out of the room, her daughter told me that every day after her doctor's appointment they go to Diary Queen and her mother gets a chocolate shake that she put on her night stand and sips before she takes her afternoon nap.

When I am 91, I want to be that cool.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Be Kind

Do you ever wonder why someone cut you off on the road or why the person ringing you up at the grocery store won't interact to you or why your neighbor didn't wave to you when they were pulling in from work last night?

I worked retail once and a customer was very rude to me. When they left, my co-worker said to me, "I wonder what happened to them before they walked in our store to make them so sad?" Now, every time this happens to me I think about that.

Maybe earlier that day someone close to them fell ill. Maybe last week their dog had to be put down. Maybe their home is in foreclosure or their boyfriend just broke up with them. Maybe their back aches and they don't have insurance and can't see a doctor. Maybe their child needs new shoes for the basketball team and they don't have the money to buy them. Who knows what it is. It's just bad enough that they can't help but to take it out on you.

Thinking that makes you realize how important it is to show these strangers you're here for them. You're on their side. A smile or a please or a "that's a great necklace you have on today" could turn their day around. Be kind. It could make a world of difference to one person today.

via Pinterest

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Company Weather

Husband's parents are coming tomorrow. We have all sorts of very authentic Pennsylvania stuff planned. We want to go to a baseball game, take a train trip to Philly, and of course we have to do a road trip to Amish Country to eat a whoopie pie!

Yesterday, I looked at the forecast for Lancaster and saw this:

It has been gorgeous the last 2 weeks. What is this? Agh! Let's hope Mother Nature changes her course or we'll be showing them all the fun that is inside a movie theater!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to Yoga

I used to practice yoga at least 4 times a week and absolutely loved it. After breaking my wrist and tearing my rotator cuff, I had to stop practicing. Getting into downward dog, I looked more like this:

When I used to look like this (sans tail):

Friday I went back to a yoga studio and tried a beginner's class. It was great. I still wasn't 100%, but I felt good and I loved being back on the mat. Yoga is an amazing strength building exercise for both your body and your mind. I'm always in awe after class when I  realize how little I thought of life while I was in there. During class, I'm usually just wondering how I got into the position I'm currently in and how long I'm going to have to be there. I spend time trying to breath thru some contortionist's idea of "exercise" and then once I do, I feel like a million bucks. The physical part of yoga feels great on my body and the not thinking about life part of yoga feels great on my mind. It's kinda an amazing twofer!

I'm going back today to try another class. Who knows, maybe if I keep it up, I'll look like this:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bloomin' Trees!

There are giant bursts of white and pink happiness all over the city right now! Just driving down the street and WA-LA : HUGE FLOWERING TREES! They are spectacular and they are everywhere. 

I never want Spring to end. It almost makes Winter worth it. Almost.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Hunger Apology

Husband should buy me a box of these. He knows I could use them.

via  Instagram

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Thoughts

Today Mom starts her radiation/chemo treatment. This begins what will be a 10 month cancer curing protocol. I know we are all a bit anxious to get going and anxious for Mom and her health.

So, today I am just thinking happy thoughts.

I'm thinking about:

  • The poppies that line the front of Loyola Marymount University
  • The delicious hamburgers we all ate in Bora Bora
  • Mom getting her coat stuck in the car door and not being able to walk away!
  • Mr. P running around in his Batman costume and opening the pantry and saying "Batman needs a snack."
  • Miss E organizing outfits on her bedroom floor according to what activity she'll be doing throughout the day.
  • Getting a manicure and pedicure with Mom
  • Our beautiful wedding in San Miguel de Allende
  • Baking cupcakes with E & P on their Easy Bake Oven on Christmas Morning
  • Laughing on the phone with Herself
  • Laughing anywhere with Cousin J
  • Shopping with Mom at Chico's & Anthropologie
  • Imitating Dad :0)
  • Penny waking Mom up by licking her face in the morning when she comes and visits us
  • Designing pillows for clients
  • Watering my Spring flower pots
  • Drinking wine on my patio (really, any patio!) on a Saturday afternoon

Sending all these happy thoughts your way today, Mom! I am with you.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two years

Two is a funny year.

No one congratulates you like they did on your first year. Some even say, "Two? Oh, that's nothing, we're seven, or eighteen or twenty-one!" Many have said, "Just two? You two seem like you've been together so much longer."

For Husband and me, it's been a year of both big and little change. We moved across the country together knowing that it wasn't going to be easy leaving our friends and family on the west coast but it was going to be wonderful for our marriage. And it has been. Husband and I have spent nine months living in a very different place than where we came. We've met new friends. We've found a new place to eat Pho. We've started new jobs. We've learned where our new Target is located. We've watched all the trees turn glorious colors. We've watched all the leaves fall off trees and then magically pop back overnight just when we thought it would never happen. We've shopped, and re-shopped for a new church. We've bought giant winter coats (and worn them!). We've created our new "brunch spot" for Saturday mornings. We've learned how to scrape our car windows. We've met a new bartender who knows what we want when we walk in the door. We've planted poppies in Spring. We've tried to start saying "shore" instead of "beach". We've lived without good ol' fashioned Mexican food. We've turned our clocks back and forth and wondered what time it is at "home" before we call. We've eaten Whoopie Pies. We've driven behind horse drawn buggies. We've discovered who we are away from everything we know.

Two has been a big year.

Its had its ups and downs and a few days of normal scattered in between. Thank goodness I had Husband next to me every day. I'd do it all again just to be with him.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Husband.


Two years ago today.
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Monday, April 29, 2013

Anniversary Picnic

Our 2nd wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Husband planned a fun picnic to celebrate this weekend!
He took me on a drive to see some of the cool covered bridges around Lancaster County - they're kinda big deal in Amish Country. He had it all mapped out. 4 maps to be exact. He also had an entire picnic basket packed and ready to go full of cheeses, pate, grapes, apples and a little vino. It was a very lovely afternoon and so thoughtful. We sat on the grass and just hung out for an hour or so. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my anniversary weekend with Husband. Thanks, Love. XO

Here's what it looked like.

Covered Bridge #2

View from Covered Bridge #2

View from our Picnic Spot

Picnic Yumminess!

Husband and Me . . . again!

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Place for My Tings

When I went home 10 days ago, Miss E was very prepared for my arrival. She had all sorts for goodies for me wrapped up in pink tissue paper. One of her gifts was a box. It's a silver gift box with a label sticker on it that she had written on in pink and purple (of course!).

The sticker said: "Put your tings in the Box. Love Ellie".

First thing I did when I got home was put this box on my nightstand and start putting my "tings" in it. I mean, the box says, "Put your tings in the Box" so, I of course am just following the rules of the box. It would be rude not to. It's actually a very handy little box to have besides being the darn near cutest box EVER! I know it took Miss E a bit of time to make it so I'll be sure to be careful with it.

Isn't it fabulous that such joy can be had from a little silver gift box given to me by a 5 year old? Thanks for making me so happy every day, Miss E.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Friday Funny

Last night, I was chatting with Herself. She always makes me laugh, but last night she may have had my favorite line to date.

Herself had just seen a wedding picture of Husband and me. She was "oooing and aweing" over the photo (like any sweet nun would do) and then she said to me:

"You are one of the most beautiful women in this world and I'm not even drunk".


Even funnier because a nun said it.

April 30, 2011
 San Miguel de Allende, MX

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flower Grannies

My good friend, C sent me this photo. A bride and groom decided to have each of their grandmothers as the Flower Girls for their wedding.

"Flower Grannies!"

I love this idea. I think it's so fun and different and I'm sure it meant the world to the couple to have their grandmothers as part of their celebration. Plus, it's just darn cute!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

F I N A L L Y!

Spring has sprung in Pennsylvania! FINALLY!!  It's absolutely gorgeous here. Husband and I spent a large part of our weekend outside on our patio simply enjoying the fact that we were not wearing coats.

Also on my patio, my Spring pots are in full bloom. This is the first time I have ever planted poppies and rhinoculous. Every day there is a new bloom to see when I wake up. They are gorgeous.

Dear Spring,

You are most welcome on our patio and you can stay as long as you want. Next year, come earlier.


Monday, April 8, 2013

41 Years

These two crazy kids are celebrating their 41st Wedding Anniversary today! 

41 years!

As I near my 2nd wedding anniversary, 41 seems absolutely surreal! I guess if you drink beer and wear glittery masks, you can get through anything! 

Really, these two can get through anything. They've shown that over and over again to me through my 34 years. In fact, they were just given one more challenge to add to their list, as Mom was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. They'll beat it. I know they will. They can do anything, these two. They are more powerful than:

Sonny & Cher
Micky & Minnie
Abott & Costello
Bill & Hillary
Tom & Jerry
Brad & Angelina
Kermit & Piggy
Ozzie & Harriet
Dick & Jane
Simon & Garfunkel
Bugs & Daffy
Dolce & Gabana
Fred & Ginger
Batman & Robin
Scarlett & Ret
Superman & Lois Lane
Jack & Jill
Adam & Eve
Bonnie & Clyde
Olive Oil & Popeye
Romeo & Juliet
Gumby & Pokie
Barbie & Ken

and of course,

Bert & Ernie!

Congratulations on a very successful 41 years of marriage to the most magnificent duo:

Mom & Dad!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Friends Make It Better

I was emailing with a good college friend this week and I was telling her how much I missed seeing my old friends. I had just gotten off the phone with one who had made me laugh so hard, that my stomach ached afterwards. It felt so good.

My friend wrote back something that stuck with me, "I've never believed in the power of friendship more than I have in the past 2 months".

Both of us would honestly admit that if there was a rewind button on the last few months, we'd hit it! But, we would also admit that without friends, these months would have been unmanageable.

So, this is to all my friends far away who read this blog (and even those who don't!): Thank you for all your kind words and good laughs. You make everything better.

Via Pinterest

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today I'm off to Baltimore to see an old college friend. I've got my pink pants on! I bet you can guess who I'm seeing!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Planning My Day

I read a blog called, Note To Self. She posts great quotes once a week. This one popped up a week or so ago and it just made me laugh. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


On Easter Sunday, Husband and I invited ourselves to a service at our good friend's church.

Our friend, is also my
sister-in-law's sister
my brother's wife's sister
Miss E's & Mr. P's other aunt.

I know, I know, hard to follow. I need to draw a tree. That's why we call her our friend and really, that is who she is, a dear friend. E is a priest at an Anglican Church in Arlington, VA called Restoration.

Husband and I walked into E's tiny church about 30 minutes early and the seats were filling quickly. We were offered two seats next to a sweet couple and the four of us squeezed into one tiny pew. It was cozy from the beginning. The music started to play, and the beat was loud and strong. I knew the words and just started singing. I watched the very young congregation file in, looking smart in their Sunday attire and holding their young children close. The place filled and everyone "scootched" a few times to make space for more. All the small children ended up on laps, I'm not even sure if they were their parent's laps but no one seemed to mind. Lots of hugs and hand shakes were happening - it was a bit like a party. . . at church!

Husband and I are both Catholic so we knew that this Easter service would be a bit different than what we are used to. I don't think we knew how different nor how good that different would feel.

During the fabulous sermon, the Rector had many different reflection points to mull over and digest. But towards the end of his sermon he reflected on his church as a place where broken people could come and find peace. He didn't say to be healed. He just said to find peace.

That struck me Sunday and even more so yesterday.

It seems like life is full of  broken people and situations. Lots of struggles are happening, both physically and mentally. Lots of things outside of our control are going array. We're doing our best, chugging along and every day is full of unexpected "life things" that easily break you and your loved ones. Some are little and just cause a slight tear. Others are big and life altering. Those create gaping holes in your heart right away.

Last night I was reading a book that my alma mater, LMU distributed last year called Contemplativus. Barbara Busse, Assistant to the President and former professor of mine talked about what she has learned working in a Jesuit school. She reflects with this:

Examen: Quieting the noise, I listen to my life.

The inventory begins . . . the joys and griefs, the hopes and fears and (yes!) the Love floods in.

The complex mosaic of what this one life really is emerges.

God, give me the wisdom to make sense of the "what next" in my life.

I wait, sometimes less patiently and less gratefully than would be ideal.

Then, if I let go of fears and failings, the Spirit moves.

I can see God smiling at this perfect mess of life.

This gives me courage and grace to move forward. And I smile.

That is enough for me.

Life is messy. Sometimes it's messier than other times. Sometimes you break. Sometimes others break around you. Sometimes you wait impatiently. Sometimes you are ungrateful.

Church on Sunday and the above reflection reminded me that peace and courage and grace are an option when you're broken. You may have to sit in a very tight pew to help you find it. But it's there. And that perfect mess of life is God's plan. He's smiling and so should you.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Blossoming Tree

Husband and I spent the weekend in Washington DC. We were excited because it was the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was supposed to be the blooms peak weekend  . . . BUT . . . then we got that spring snow storm 2 weeks ago.


Really, we just saw this:

(insert sad face here)

As we were leaving the tidal basin, we saw one tree that looked like this:


Yes, they were small and the tree wasn't in full bloom, but it was trying. It was trying to bloom for all those people who showed up to see the pink floral array and get that glimpse of Spring and hope and new life on Easter Weekend.

It was a reminder that you really cannot control life. You can plan. You can organize. You can show up prepared. But you better have your lipstick on, because you never know what's going to happen when you get there.

Friday, March 29, 2013

One Sizable Egg

And some people say size doesn't matter. Oh, it sure does when it comes to Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs! Isn't Husband a doll for bringing this home to me? I think I might need a knife and fork. Yeehaw!

Have a wonderful Easter. Hug your family, eat lots of chocolate (preferably with peanut butter inside) and don't leave any eggs left unfound!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Laugh Out Loud Funny

Have you seen the new SNL cast? My favorite addition is Aidy Bryant. She is hilarious! She's from Phoenix and daughter of my favorite local shop owner, Georganne Bryant of Frances. Her dad, Tom Bryant is a highly regarded Phoenix real estate agent and just a very cool guy. Aidy comes from good stock!

I follow Aidy on Instagram. The other day she posted this photo that she had taken a few years back. It made me laugh out loud. I kept showing it to Husband and laughing. It is still making me laugh. Some things are always funny. This is one of them.

Thanks for making me laugh, Aidy!  Keep up the funny. We need it.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring . . . at the Market

I have never been so excited for Spring than this year - my first year in the East. I think snow in March should be illegal and Spring should appear on the date it's listed on the calendar. I know, I know, you can't control Mother Nature but I really don't know any mother who would tease this much!

I was at the Lancaster Central Market yesterday and couldn't help but snap a quick pic of this little hint of Spring. How cute are these little creatures in front of the happy, yellow pansies?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bird House for Rent

Husband drove me out to Amish country this weekend promising me a milk shake in Strausburg if we could stop at this knife store he had heard about. Milk shakes make me move and he knows this. I hopped in the car right away. Make a long story short, the knife store was not close to the ice cream store so Meya never got her milk shake and Husband never heard the end of it.

Husband was savvy enough to stop at the Bird In Hand Farmer's Market and made up for the ice cream debacle by buying me this heavenly creation:

One of the other Amish vendors at the market was selling the coolest little bird houses. They were made of recycled material and came in a variety of shapes and colors. My new Amish best friend told me that a Blue Bird family was most likely to nest in the type I bought and for sure by mid-spring I would have my own little birdies living on my porch. I made Husband mount this little house as soon as we got home. I hope the Blue Birds come soon. Maybe I should put a "Vacant" sign up or maybe I'll just leave the light on for 'em.

On the way home from the market, we drove by an Amish family in their horse and buggy and I snapped this picture of the horse. We see these on the road all the time but I will admit these horses impress me each and every time. Isn't she gorgeous?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Snow

I woke up to this:

And then I had to melt snow balls off my dog's paws:

So, I think this is a totally acceptable breakfast for today:

Friday, March 22, 2013

Farmer Meya

Yesterday we did some Spring planting which is hilarious because this morning its snowing.


We had to take out of my favorite little plants because it had white flies. So, we planted lettuce!

I'm farming!!!

Here are my little lettuce plants. They are just babies now but I'll keep you posted on their growth and the salads we make from them. I'm really excited about these. I've never grown anything edible. I think my Amish neighbors' traits are rubbing off on me.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Art of Shopping

Mom taught me how to shop. It's an impressive skill that you just can't teach everyone. I'll also say that not all students might be as interested as I was at age 5. Mom was a superb teacher and learned from the best, her own mother who not only shopped like a super star but sometimes just went home and whipped up on her sewing machine whatever she saw in the windows.

I know Husband is impressed with what I can find while I'm out and Dad has always been overwhelmed by Mom's and my accomplishments. Even Cousin J will call and remind me, "just by two of whatever you find - one for you and one for me!" Friends call our skill inherited, I call it mastered.

When I lived in Phoenix Mom and I used to shop with each other for each other. Some of my best shopping skills are shown when I shop for Mom. I think she would say the same about her own skills when she shops for me! Now that Mom and I live 3000 miles apart, we've had to change our shopping habits. When I'm out or get a catalog at home and I see something that I know she NEEDS, I take pictures of it and text her. It's important for her to be on her phone when I do this or she could miss out on a very important item.

Yesterday, while I was in Philly, we showed how well our new technique is working. I found the perfect iPad case for her. I sent her this photo.

Then we text.

Do you want it?


What color?


It's on sale! :0)

Thanks. Love you.

Our shopping is done quickly, effortlessly and always with style. I'm sure Grandma is so impressed with her two students.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

LOVE + Philly

Off this morning on an impromptu trip to Philly with a friend. We're hopping on the train for a little shopping, a little lunch, and a little sightseeing on the first day of Spring. Did you know the LOVE statue was in Philadelphia? Well, it is the city of "Brotherly Love"! Hope your first day of Spring is as fun as mine.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Pansies are in bloom and I had to grab two of them last week to add a bit of color to our post-winter patio. I found these giant, gorgeous purple pansies that are perfect in our two little yellow pots. They have been the one hint of Spring that Husband and I have been able to enjoy at our house. Until yesterday. WHEN IT SNOWED ON MY PANSIES!!!!

Spring, where are you?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dreaming of Funfetti!

I have been missing Miss E lately (ok, ok, I'm always missing her!). It seems like everywhere I go I see a little girl who reminds me of her and I want to call her right that second and tell her I love her. Then I go on Pinterest and I see this recipe! Pancakes + Sprinkles + Whip Cream = Miss E! So now I cannot wait for her to come visit me so we can make this together. She will love it and I think her little brother might too!

I wonder if her parents will ask to eat something else? Probably.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Holy Day of Green Obligation

Sunday is St. Patrick's Day. In my house, it is a holy day of obligation. I am sure Pope Francis I is already planning his sermon for the big occasion. I wonder if he'll dye his new white garb green! Or maybe he'll scratch the red shoes and wear green colored Pope shoes! One can only hope!

Husband and I now live in a town that has three Irish pubs, all in walking distance that are opening by 10:00am. It's gonna be a great day.

I am hoping I may even be lucky enough to find Beamish. Beamish is my favorite Irish Stout and it's now very difficult to find in the States. Wednesday night Husband and I met some friends for a beer at a pub in our town and I saw this sign. I screamed with delight, walked up to bar, and ordered a Beamish with a huge smile on my face. This is what I heard:

Oh, we don't have that beer.

SERIOUSLY? You have a GIANT mirrored sign with the words Beamish on it and you don't serve that beer?


I'm sorry, but do you see that sign over there? It's huge!! You have to have that beer if you have a sign taking up that whole wall in your pub.

No. We don't anymore. Can I get you something else?



And with a tear in my eye, I ordered some fancy cream ale thing. It was tasty but don't think that I didn't cry a little in it for my long-lost Beamish. Sigh.

And, can I just say, no bar or any other establishment should have a GIANT sign in their building and not serve what that sign advertises. I mean it's like putting a huge CUPCAKE sign in a 1st grade class room and then telling all the little, excited children, "Oh, sorry kids, we don't have cupcakes, I just thought the sign was cute."


Thursday, March 14, 2013

San Miguel de Allende in NYT

The NY Times showcased San Miguel de Allende in their travel section on Sunday. Every week they create a master plan on how to hit a cool town or a hip city in 36 hours. It's always an interesting read and this week was especially fun for Husband and me since San Miguel was the venue for our wedding (almost 2 years ago!). I was so happy to see that they had mentioned my favorite little accessory shop, Mixta. I could spend 5 hours, not to mention $1000s in that shop! After reading this, Husband and I decided that we need to go back VERY SOON! Who's in? Dying for one of their magical mango margaritas.

Read the article here.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Baked Treasure

During our wedding year we received some fabulous gifts. Some we registered for, some people just knew we wanted, some were sentimental and others were treasures. One of my most treasured wedding presents is a recipe.

My very dear friend from 3rd grade gave me her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe as a present at one of my bridal showers. This recipe wasn't just for chocolate chip cookies, this was for her FAMOUS chocolate chip cookies. When she makes these, people surround her and drool. These cookies are big and moist and chewy and filled to the brim with chocolate. They are in one word : divine. When she gave me this recipe, I teared up.

The other day I had the urge to make them and take them to a friend's house for a little girls night. Needless to say, the girls were drooling.

Thanks C, for the treasure!

Here's a picture for you to drool over!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

One day while I was home Miss E was over at my parent's house. I walked into my mom's office and this is what I saw. It's not a great photo. The lighting is awful and the composition isn't perfect but I just think it's so darn cute. Look at Miss E's outfit - could there be any more color on her? I wonder what they are talking about. Whatever it is, it seems to be very important.

Diya and Miss E working hard

Monday, March 11, 2013

Longwood Gardens

Husband and I took an adventure this weekend. A friend told us about the Longwood Gardens about an hour south. It's home of the DuPont house. Mr DuPont bought the grounds to save the trees - maybe he was officially the first Tree Hugger! Well, I'm glad he loved those darn trees so much because the gardens he established on his acreage are amazing. This time of year they host an orchid show. WOWZA! I've never seen so many orchids. Husband and I were in awe. Here, take a look. . .

Oh, and that was just the orchids. Here's some other florals I sniffed along the way . . .

And the end of the walk through the Conservatory, I spotted a gardenia bush. I found this little friend sprouting. My grandma Lori's favorite flower was the gardenia so I think she might have popped this one open to say "hello" to me. XO