Friday, July 26, 2013


You know when you ask someone:  What's new?

And they say : Nothing really. Same ol', same ol'.

And then you have to come up with something else to talk about, like the ever-exciting weather because you are bored already - UGH! I hate that.

Lots of change has happened over here for Husband and me. We wouldn't know where to start to answer the question above and you know what, that's good! We don't have to talk about the weather that way.

Change. You gotta love it. It can be tricky sometimes and a bit confusing and may or may not make you cry depending on the change, but it's good for you. It makes you who you are. Honestly, if none of us changed or experienced change, we sure would be pretty darn boring (see above scenario).

I'll be back up and blogging soon. Life got a little consuming but someone close to me told me they missed by every day musings, so I'm back. I'm ready to muse.

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