Friday, August 31, 2012

An Inherited Trait

I love my birthday. I inherited this love from my grandfather. He was known to introduce himself and say, "Hi, my name is Bob and my birthday is June 6." How awesome is that? Unfortunately, I didn't know my Papa Bob very well.  He died when I was 5. According to my dad, a bit of his "impish-ness" lives on in me. So does his love for his natal anniversary. I'm grateful to have inherited both.

My birthday is next in our family. Husband just celebrated his. Mom just celebrated hers. MINE IS NEXT!!! The reason I am so excited about this is that we have a rule in our family that no one can talk about their own birthday until the person whose birthday comes before theirs is over. This rule was created, signed and put into effect by a unanimous vote by my parents when I was young. Apparently, I spoke of my birthday often. Too often. So they created this rule. I hate the rule. I'm 33 years old and for some reason I still abide by it and I still hate it. So, with that in mind . . .

Hi, my name is Megan and my birthday is October 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone in my family also knows that I've had a birthday wish list going since last October 7th. So, without further ado . . . here is my list (photos too!) for the celebration of my 34th year!

1. Hunter Boots - Original Tall Gloss - Black - Size 8
2. Latico Purse - Lidia - Clay/Tan
3. Kindle - Paperwhite WiFi
4. Anthropologie - Harlev Sweater Coat - Gold - Size M

That's it so far.  Don't worry, I have over a month to keep adding and talking about it.  Trust me, I will!

Hunter Boots
Latico Purse: Lidia
Kindle Paperwhite WiFi

Harlev Sweater Coat

The Happy Stuff

In college, one of my mentors taught me a little mental exercise / prayer to do every night.  I forget to do it most nights.  In fact, I'm usually just happy that I remembered to floss. It's a cool exercise  and it comes from St. Ignatius Loyola. Each evening, before you go to sleep, you're to go through your entire day and think about all the things that you did that you didn't like or would have changed and forgive yourself for them. Which, when you think about it is pretty awesome - he doesn't say to dwell on them, he says to forgive yourself for them, get over them, move on. After you've done that, you are to go through your day and think of all the things that made you happy or you liked. Big or small - be thankful for each of those things.  It's amazing when you stop to think of your entire day how many things you come up with that are happy.  They may be as small as your husband coming home with a Reese's Peanut Butter Dark for you to try but really those ARE the things that make life good. So, I think on Fridays, I may post my list of stuff that made me happy during the week. Many may seem inconsequential to others, but to me, they made me smile or laugh or just be happy.  Make your own list if you want. I think you'll be surprised.

  • I went to yoga for the first time since I broke my wrist last December.  I can't do it all, but at least I'm there.
  • Neil, at Lowes spent 30 minutes with me trying to find the right bolts to use on my TV wall mounting system.  It would have taken me 30 years without him.
  • An old friend sent me an email out of the blue. We hadn't talked in years. She makes me laugh. 
  • Penny jumped in the shower with me Thursday morning.  She just sat there and hung out under the faucet. Too cute.
  • It was my mom's birthday.  I sent her an inappropriate card. I am still laughing at the card in my head. 
  • I started a blog.
  • I framed a piece of art in my powder bath that is kinda just out there and quirky. I love fun art in bathrooms. 
  • I ate octopus and liked it.
  • I saved a voice mail on my phone from my niece and nephew. They called me a "Pantalooness" on the voicemail.  What is that? That's funny, that's what it is!!
  • My new living room coffee table was delivered. FABULOUS!
  • I randomly emailed this picture on the right to my dad. I knew it would make him smile.
  • Husband brought home Reese's Peanut Butter Dark for me to try. I ate them both before dinner.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grape! Fabulous Grape!

I love grape gum.  I absolutely love it.  It's my one guilty pleasure.  OK, maybe not my only one but it is sure one of the only ones! These Ice Cubes are the creme-de-la-creme of gum world.  They are like little tiny marshmallows that you chew.  WHA-LA! They come in grape!  God is good!

I will also tell you that my husband is affirmatively a grape gum hater.  HOW CAN YOU BE A GRAPE GUM HATER? I didn't know this before we got married or I may have had him sign something saying he'll only buy our kids grape gum or something important like that. Grape is by far the best flavor.  It may not taste like "real" grapes (which, are good but not AS good) and it may come only in very vibrant purple packaging, but it's delicious and powerful and super yummy.  You can't hate the grape. You just can't.

Last night, Husband and I took the train to Philly to meet some friends for dinner.  We popped down in our seats and I popped a piece of grape gum.  Here is how that went:

Are you chewing grape gum?

Yes. It's delicious.

The whole train car can smell it.

I know and they are jealous.

Insert eye roll and back to his magazine.

We get off the train and do a bit of shopping before we met our friends.  Then, on the way to dinner, this is how it went:

Are you still chewing grape gum?


Is that the same piece from the train?


God, the smell is still EVERYWHERE!

I know.  That is why it is so fabulous! (I sang that last part in kinda a sing-songy voice that Husband never really appreciates)

Insert another eye roll here.

I heard that if you chew a piece of grape gum while you are studying and then chew another piece while you're taking an exam, the scent (which we learned above is so powerful) helps you recall what you studied.  That, my friends, is rad.

Three cheers for grape gum!!!  I know there are two small toe-heads walking around Phoenix who would agree with their Meya on this one.

SMALL PRINT: Husband bought me the grape gum pictured above.  He may hate the grape but he loves me!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gonna Blog About It

I wake up most morning with thoughts and ideas and funny little things going on in my head.  I think to myself, who can I tell?  Most of the time the answer is no one. Well, at least at that particular moment in the morning no one really cares what is going on in my little head.  They really just want their coffee and to figure out what is the latest time they can leave home and still be on time for work.  So I decided I would start a blog so I could post these little thoughts, ideas, musings and photos any time I wanted and then you could come along any time you wanted and read them or look at the pretty pictures or laugh at the silliness I've created.  Some posts will be about the world of interior design and making the space we live in prettier than how we found it. Some will be about my darling dog - probably more than some, let's be fair. Many will be about my fabulous niece and nephew and our Wednesday phone calls that make me laugh out loud. Other posts will be about food or drinks or a healthy or possibly unhealthy combination of both.  Some thoughts will be about life and family and relationships: the really important things. Others will just be funny because I like funny and funny is good for you. I will travel and post pictures of interesting things I see or do or find.  Maybe even once or twice I'll tell you about the whoopie pie I just ate. I'll probably comment on fashion and trends and the new purse I'm dying to add to my closet or my favorite pair of shoes I wish I had in every color. I probably will never talk about politics or math or rats or reality TV.  I might throw in a bit of history now and again so my husband will read my blog but it'll be cool history of stuff that matters, like chocolate. Who knows what this will turn out to be.  When the spirit moves me . . .  I'm gonna blog about it!