Friday, July 26, 2013


You know when you ask someone:  What's new?

And they say : Nothing really. Same ol', same ol'.

And then you have to come up with something else to talk about, like the ever-exciting weather because you are bored already - UGH! I hate that.

Lots of change has happened over here for Husband and me. We wouldn't know where to start to answer the question above and you know what, that's good! We don't have to talk about the weather that way.

Change. You gotta love it. It can be tricky sometimes and a bit confusing and may or may not make you cry depending on the change, but it's good for you. It makes you who you are. Honestly, if none of us changed or experienced change, we sure would be pretty darn boring (see above scenario).

I'll be back up and blogging soon. Life got a little consuming but someone close to me told me they missed by every day musings, so I'm back. I'm ready to muse.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I was home last week to celebrate Mother's Day with Mom. We had a delicious brunch at Mom's favorite Phoenix spot where I ate too much and all we could muster the strength to do when we got home was open gifts! It was a delightful day to celebrate Mom.

I spent the rest of the week taking Mom to her radiation treatments. I had already been to the hospital with her for her first doctor's appointment, but this time she took me back with her to the Ladies Locker Room (LLR) where she preps for her treatment. There were other ladies there watching the Today show and reading magazines before their treatments. We all chatted about what number treatment they were on and how the TV was too loud and that the dressing gowns they provided were such a bad shade of grey.

My favorite lady in the LLR was 91 years old. She had breast cancer and had surgery last week and was now in for 5 quick radiation treatments. She wasn't up for talking about her cancer though - the important news was that she was not happy with her doctors. She looked down at her hands and cringed while she told us that the doctors had made her remove her fake nails before surgery and she just hadn't had time to get them replaced. Then she covered her eyes and said that she can't lift her arm high enough since surgery to put on her makeup so she had nothing on her face. "I think I should just wear a paper bag over my face until these treatments are over".

After she walked out of the room, her daughter told me that every day after her doctor's appointment they go to Diary Queen and her mother gets a chocolate shake that she put on her night stand and sips before she takes her afternoon nap.

When I am 91, I want to be that cool.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Be Kind

Do you ever wonder why someone cut you off on the road or why the person ringing you up at the grocery store won't interact to you or why your neighbor didn't wave to you when they were pulling in from work last night?

I worked retail once and a customer was very rude to me. When they left, my co-worker said to me, "I wonder what happened to them before they walked in our store to make them so sad?" Now, every time this happens to me I think about that.

Maybe earlier that day someone close to them fell ill. Maybe last week their dog had to be put down. Maybe their home is in foreclosure or their boyfriend just broke up with them. Maybe their back aches and they don't have insurance and can't see a doctor. Maybe their child needs new shoes for the basketball team and they don't have the money to buy them. Who knows what it is. It's just bad enough that they can't help but to take it out on you.

Thinking that makes you realize how important it is to show these strangers you're here for them. You're on their side. A smile or a please or a "that's a great necklace you have on today" could turn their day around. Be kind. It could make a world of difference to one person today.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Company Weather

Husband's parents are coming tomorrow. We have all sorts of very authentic Pennsylvania stuff planned. We want to go to a baseball game, take a train trip to Philly, and of course we have to do a road trip to Amish Country to eat a whoopie pie!

Yesterday, I looked at the forecast for Lancaster and saw this:

It has been gorgeous the last 2 weeks. What is this? Agh! Let's hope Mother Nature changes her course or we'll be showing them all the fun that is inside a movie theater!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to Yoga

I used to practice yoga at least 4 times a week and absolutely loved it. After breaking my wrist and tearing my rotator cuff, I had to stop practicing. Getting into downward dog, I looked more like this:

When I used to look like this (sans tail):

Friday I went back to a yoga studio and tried a beginner's class. It was great. I still wasn't 100%, but I felt good and I loved being back on the mat. Yoga is an amazing strength building exercise for both your body and your mind. I'm always in awe after class when I  realize how little I thought of life while I was in there. During class, I'm usually just wondering how I got into the position I'm currently in and how long I'm going to have to be there. I spend time trying to breath thru some contortionist's idea of "exercise" and then once I do, I feel like a million bucks. The physical part of yoga feels great on my body and the not thinking about life part of yoga feels great on my mind. It's kinda an amazing twofer!

I'm going back today to try another class. Who knows, maybe if I keep it up, I'll look like this:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bloomin' Trees!

There are giant bursts of white and pink happiness all over the city right now! Just driving down the street and WA-LA : HUGE FLOWERING TREES! They are spectacular and they are everywhere. 

I never want Spring to end. It almost makes Winter worth it. Almost.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Hunger Apology

Husband should buy me a box of these. He knows I could use them.

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